Metabolic Balance

Within the Nutriscience® clinic we have 8 metabolic balance® certified counsellors.

The metabolic balance® concept corresponds to the Nutriscience® principles, both being based on the idea of science-based tailored nutrition solutions and on a nutrition counselling process understood as a tool for adopting a healthy lifestyle.

Metabolic Balance

We chose to use this nutrition solution in the Nutriscience® clinic because it is a method based on 25 years of academic and practical medical research. The metabolic balance® tailored nutrition plans have been successfully adopted by over 1 million people across Europe.

Who is metabolic balance® recommended for?

Metabolic balance® is a nutrition programme for all those who want to be slim, healthy and full of energy. The programme involves adapting one’s food intake to a healthy, perfectly balanced nutrition profile. It involves following a nutrition plan tailored for the unique metabolism of each person.

This nutrition solution is recommended to all those who want to reduce health risks around being overweight, obese or having a metabolic imbalance.

The main categories of people who achieve excellent results by adopting individual nutrition plans with the help of metabolic balance® counsellors, as well as the main specific benefits obtained can be found here.

What does this nutrition programme entail?

Metabolic balance® is a tailored programme for balancing the metabolism and controlling body weight, designed by German doctors and scientists.

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The programme is structured in four stages:

Phase 1. The preparatory phase (2 days) prepares the body for changing food habits.

Phase 2. The severe rebalancing phase (14 days) in which the only foods that are to be consumed are those included in the tailored nutrition plan under the guidance of the nutrition counsellor.

Phase 3. The loose rebalancing phase (a few weeks until achieving the weight goal) involves the addition of other foods to the nutrition plan, including some exceptional meals.

Phase 4. The maintenance phase (not limited in time) is based on a list of foods which provide all nutrients you need so as to ensure the metabolic balance of the body and prevent the yo-yo effect typical to diets.

The metabolic balance® nutrition plans are available in Romania exclusively through a network of accredited doctors-counsellors.

When joining the programme, participants receive a tailored food plan and a package of a minimum of 7 specialised counselling sessions. 

You can find out more about the metabolic balance® nutrition programme here.