Our Team

Dr. Adina Trandafir

Doctor in genetics
Nutrigenomics counsellor
Nutrition counsellor and food safety specialist
Metabolic Balance® nutrition counsellor.

Throughout my scientific career, I was convinced that heredity is important, in some cases the most important. After many years of study and a doctorate in medical genetics I am starting to soften my position on the matter. To my surprise, I started to believe that what you give to your body directly is more important. Sometimes it may even change heredity.
So, regardless of one’s heredity, we should not despair. We should treat our body as a precious gift which must be taken care of and loved.
After graduating from a masters in nutrition, the nutrition programme metabolic balance® emerged, as a reward as well as an answer to all my questions. I don’t even know if I can define it: it is a lifestyle, a balanced nutrition programme and, above all, a source of energy and happiness. When we feel good and balanced, we can do anything, understand everything and give love and balance to those around us.
If one of your important goals is adopting a healthy nutrition which would energize you and significantly improve your quality of life, I invite you to contact me by phone or leave a message by filling in the form below.
Working in a multidisciplinary team alongside doctors who are also metabolic balance® counsellors, you can benefit from all the competences you need to transition towards a perfectly balanced diet.
From my own experience, the benefits of transitioning towards the metabolic balance® lifestyle are manifold: esthetic, health-related and an increased energy level.

Dr. Anca Hâncu

Doctor, medical sciences PhD, nutritionist, Metabolic Balance® counsellor.

Nutrition researcher at the Carol Davila University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Bucharest

A graduate of the Cluj Napoca medical school, where she furthered her studies with a masters in nutrition, Dr. Anca Hâncu built multiple healthy lifestyle projects for the benefit of the community.

Being passionate about nutrition, she obtained her PhD at Carol Davila University of Medicine and Pharmacy, in the field of diabetes, nutrition and metabolic diseases under the guidance of Prof. Dr. Gabriela Radulian. Her concerns focus on the treatment of obesity, with numerous remarkable results, having patients who changed their lives, having lost 20-50 kg, but also on nutritional medical therapy, particularly in the fields of pneumology and cardiology.

Last year, she published her book, “A healthy life is a style”, a useful book for family doctors, while also authoring a chapter in the book “Nutrition in chronic illnesses”, edited by Prof. Graur. She was the first coordinator for the book “Lifestyle medicine, prevention and treatment” which was published in November 2020. This book brings together 12 medical specializations, for the definition and description of this new concept which illustrates the importance of lifestyle. Recently, she published a book with a prestigious publisher in London, IntechOpen, “Nutritional status and COPD”.

Dr. Anca Hâncu tells us: “Each gesture matters, every choice we make during one day leads us towards health or towards disease. Start caring about yourself, today!”

Dr. Ștefan Busnatu

Medical professional cardiology
About me

My name is Ștefan Busnatu, I am a cardiologist, doctor in medical sciences, vice-dean for student affairs at the “Carol Davila” University of Medicine and Pharmacy medical school and Romania’s ambassador in Cardiovascular Prevention on behalf of the European Association of Preventive Cardiology, a member of the European Society of Cardiology.

I would like to help you maintain your health.

Dr. Smaranda Rosioru

Medical professional diabetes, nutrition and metabolic diseases

Dr. Georgiana Ozana Tache

Primary care doctor medical recovery; Doctor in medical sciences – on the topic of diabetes mellitus; Ultrasound competence, Metabolic Balance® counsellor.

We want, dream and talk about a healthy lifestyle on a daily basis. It is a part of our life. 

But what is a healthy lifestyle? An ideal weight, beauty, healthy eating, correct nutrition, leisure activities meant to reduce stress, exercise and sports, socializing? Each one of them or everything together?

As a doctor, I thought I had found the answer: exercise! You know what my slogan was? You got a car, now you better drive it otherwise it will rust! To a degree, there is a resemblance with the human body. For the car to move, it needs high quality fuel. 

I believe that my mission is to help those who are interested to find the best fuel for them. To provide them with health, energetic balance, longevity and help them understand what a truly healthy lifestyle means. 

I therefore have a recommendation. Let’s try the innovative natural nutrition programme together, so you can reach your desired weight and maintain it for a long time. No starving, no medicine or dietary supplements, without running the risk of facing a yo-yo effect or otherwise becoming sick. Metabolic Balance involves a nutrition plan, perfectly adapted to each person’s metabolism. We lose weight by eating, but eating smart, and the doctor is constantly providing support. 

If you are overweight, diagnosed with metabolic syndrome, have already tried ineffective diets/regimens or were prescribed medications to compensate for a deficient diet, my message for you is the following: exercise and have a balanced diet! I am here for you with a nutrition plan tailored to your needs!

Dr. Irina Mischie

Family medicine, General ultrasound competence, Metabolic Balance® counsellor.

The birth of a child is certainly the happiest moment in any woman’s life. It was for me, although it also brought the discomfort of extra weight. Being a doctor, I tried to apply my scientific knowledge to fix this situation. But with every diet I tried, I would reach a plateau which I couldn’t surpass on my own, gaining back the weight I had lost with so much effort.  
I was lucky then to meet a colleague who was a Metabolic Balance counsellor. She told me about this innovative natural nutrition programme which brings the body in hormonal balance. I decided to follow the programme with her support and shortly I started to understand how my medical knowledge perfectly matched the principles of this method. I started losing weight without much effort, as I always had her support, as well as a set of clear and easy to follow rules.

Metabolic Balance changed my life and those of my husband and three children. My example was an inspiration for my children and this was the biggest reward I got from Metabolic Balance.

Still, something was missing. Every day I met my patients in my office and wanted to offer them nutrition counselling. This is how I decided to become a counsellor, believing that most diseases they suffered from were stemming from long-term food imbalances.

I wish to help people maintain their health, restore their balance and zest for life. My mission is to support mothers who want to change their lifestyle, regain their figure, energy and wellbeing, becoming role models for their children. I strongly believe that women can be the engines of their families and I will support them step by step towards a healthy lifestyle, full of vitality, through correct weight maintenance in the long run. 

Natalia Vstavskaia

Dietetician- nutritionist acreditat/licentiat

Facultatea de Medicină și Științe Biologice

Consiliere nutritională (diete personalizate)

HoReCa Consulting. Culinary masterclasses/workshops.

Consider că, medicina viitorului va trata si preveni multe boli prin nutriție.

Nutriția este esențială si fundamentală la orice vârstă.  Echilibru  nutrițional și alegerile alimentare trebuie să fie corecte.

Scopul meu este de a promova pattern-uri alimentare sănătoase pentru toată familia. 

Abordarea științifică și pasiunea mea pentru nutriție te vor ajuta să-ți remodelezi atât corpul, cât și gândirea pe termen lung. 

“Vreau să slăbesc” este scopul și dorința multor oameni, iar îndemnul meu pentru ei este să-și fixeze obiective realiste prin adaptarea conștientă a unui alt stil de viață și al unui comportament alimentar corect.

Dr. Anamaria Matei

Medical professional family medicine, diabetes, nutrition and metabolic diseases, Metabolic Balance® counsellor.

Just as in my office I search for the easiest, highest quality solutions for my patients, from a nutrition standpoint I also recommend my patients to follow some simple principles. The first principle is that of balance. What we eat and how much we eat is the basis of our health.

Why I chose metabolic balance® as a nutrition programme
As a doctor, I reached the conclusion that nutrition is the most important asset in maintaining our health. Only a balanced, tailored nutrition based on each person’s medical condition can underpin an effective primary and secondary prevention.
I chose the metabolic balance® programme because it allows enhanced tailoring, based on lab tests, medical history and individual food preferences. 
I trust this healthy nutrition model as it relies on a solid, tested method. The solution worked for me and offered me enough flexibility so as not to see it as a limitation. On the contrary, the boost in energy helped me be more productive and have a superior lifestyle.

Alex Maftei

Nutritionist – Licensed dietician

A former professional athlete, in swimming and modern pentathlon, I graduated from Targu Mures University of Medicine and Pharmacy with a specialization in nutrition and dietetics, graduating from a masters programme in sports nutrition at Leeds Beckett University in Great Britain. From a former athlete perspective, I had the opportunity to experience the less favourable consequences of improper nutrition during training sessions.

Behind all top performing athletes, there is a multidisciplinary team that works together to achieve common sports goals, nutrition being thus an essential component in both training and competing. The benefits of nutrition over health and sports performance are widely known regardless of the sport one practices and represent one of the basic training strategies in the various stages of preparation athletes are in.

If your objectives are losing fat, increasing muscle mass or simply facilitating the recovery process between training sessions and/or competitions, do not hesitate to contact me. Also, if going to the gym has become part of your daily routine, you are an amateur or professional athlete and you are about to participate in a competition which is on your list of priorities, I invite you to contact me.

Dr. Greta Niță

Primary medicine Occupational medicine, homeopathy, Metabolic Balance® counsellor.

In the past years, I have been seeing more and more patients in my office who wanted a natural treatment for their increased blood cholesterol and triglycerides, because, even though their were following the rules of healthy nutrition, there was very little decrease or even stagnation in those values.
Homeopathy being an individualized treatment, based on clinical symptoms rather than changes in blood tests, all I could do was refer them to a nutritionist.

In this context, in 2017, I participated in a seminar where the general principles of the metabolic balance® nutritional programme were presented. It was “love at first… date”! The things I learned about reminded me of childhood, of how my parents and us, children, used to eat back then.

Furthermore, I found out that it involved a strictly individualized nutrition plan and this way I could see the resemblance with homeopathy, which is a natural, yet individualized treatment.

I later took the counselling course and this is how a new stage of my work started. It brings me great satisfaction to be able to enjoy, alongside my patients, the results obtained through nutrition counselling, homeopathic treatment or a mixture of both.

Medical activity:
Primary care doctor in occupational medicine at the Public Health institute of Bucharest,
Occupational medicine department, Ergonomics division (1990 – 2006)
Primary care doctor in occupational medicine and Homeopathy doctor in the private medical sector (2006 – 2014)
Homeopathy doctor in the private medical sector (2014 – present)

Dr. Steluța Boroghină

Primary care doctor pediatrics, Medical professional in pediatric gastroenterology, Metabolic Balance® counsellor.

I have been facing weight issues since childhood and so have my children. I know firsthand how hard it is to find experts in the medical field who are specialised in pediatric nutrition!

On the other hand, as a doctor and university professor, I learned how important it is to educate children and parents to adopt a balanced lifestyle, as early in life as possible. Thus, children’s chances to become adults who have no health risks (metabolic syndrome) are significantly higher. It is an essential aspect for them growing into healthy, independent and hard-working adults. Parents, in turn, will have no health issues so that they can be around for their children.

A proper nutrition and lifestyle bring family members together by sharing a common set of values which have an impact in day-to-day life: food preferences, sports played together, going for walks etc.

For me, deciding to become a Metabolic Balance counsellor was therefore a natural professional development, stemming from the desire to make up for the lack of true professionals in the field of pediatric nutrition and from the necessity of real campaigns for prevention in early ages.

I strongly believe that a healthy lifestyle, adopted at an early age, is the prerequisite for future adults experiencing lower medical risks and fewer medical issues during their lifetimes. Metabolic Balance is a nutrition programme and lifestyle which perfectly matches this vision.

Carmen Busi

Clinical psychologist and psychotherapist, Cognitive behavioral therapy specialist, Hypnotherapy specialist

I strongly believe that the therapeutic relation is a gift for each one of us, it is the right path towards yourself, for as Plato said “we cannot lie deep in our souls”, being with me, together, as equals. I like to say that we hold hands for a while until you overcome the hardship, then release our hands, each going their separate way. I understood early on that it is not an easy process… for this path is walked by you, sometimes slower, with teary eyes, other times exalted with joy. My role is to guide you on your journey… I point the way… but you will be doing the work! As a psychologist, I accompany you for a while, granting you the emotional peace you need and the clear vision to see things from a different perspective, giving you time to resettle inside, to analyze and restructure your thoughts and behaviors. Equally, I am aware of growing with every new meeting and I thank all those who offered me the chance to meet and understand them, but also myself. Being in touch with the most intimate form of humanity allowed me to understand mechanisms, to see evolution, sometimes going as far as allowing myself to make behavioral predictions. Maybe this is where the idea that psychologists can read minds comes from :)… no, we don’t read minds, but when we understand how things work, we can make a few predictions…
Quite often, people came to my office and I could see anxiety or depression on their faces, also sadness or fear, people who had just suffered from a panic attack or people who came together for couples therapy… and I noticed that all of them had in common the same desires, the same needs shared by each one of us: evolution, the instinct to move on, to be better… And we succeeded together!
So, for me, you are a travel partner. Your journey… our journey… until our hands let go of each other and we can each proceed on our way with confidence.

Mamele Andra Maria

Nutrition technician, aerobics-fitness coach, personal trainer, pilates reformer instructor and trigger point therapist

Mamele Andra Maria is a nutritionist technician, aerobics-fitness coach, personal trainer, pilates reformer instructor and trigger point therapist

Laura Oncescu

Pharmacist, nutrition technician

The health of the soul and of the body is defined today in terms of wellbeing (feeling well). It is important to cherish our bodies and keep our minds “clean”, letting go of negative thoughts, fears, doubts, emotions which can equally affect our physical bodies as well as our souls.
A balanced nutrition, capable of providing the body with the necessary macronutrients, minerals and vitamins, physical activities of any kind and a positive perspective on life can decisively influence its quality, bringing harmony as well as physical and mental health.
My dream has always been to dedicate myself completely to the fields of nutrition and fitness. After 11 years of working in pharmacy (I graduated from “Carol Davila” University of Medicine and Pharmacy in 2008), I decided that it was time to take this step. This way, I discovered the fascinating universe of nutrition science and how I can help other people adopt a healthy lifestyle.
Recently, my professional experience expanded as I obtained the Authorised fitness instructor (personal coach) certificate and the professional certification of Nutrition Technician from the Scandinavia Fitness school in Bucharest.