Nutrition Consultations

Professional annual weight control for prevention and wellbeing

Specialised weight control is recommended for weight gain or weight loss. The main problems solved and benefits associated with a nutrition consultation are:

  • reducing body fat
  • balancing cravings and hunger
  • hormonal balancing
  • facilitating a restful, quality sleep
  • balancing thyroid hormones and stimulating a slow basal metabolism
  • normalizing blood pressure and cholesterol
  • reducing inflammation
  • easy diabetes management
  • eliminating constipation and bowel discomfort
  • eliminating yeast infections
  • headache relief
  • stress management
  • balancing allergies and food intolerances
  • improving moods
  • improving self-esteem
  • increasing energy levels

Nutriscience® provides tailored nutritional interventions in/for:

  • pre-diabetes
  • metabolic syndrome
  • polycystic ovary syndrome
  • chronic fatigue
  • food allergies
  • epidermal issues
  • gluten-free diets and celiac disease
  • pregnancy
  • digestive state (irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn disease, ulcerative colitis)
  • vegetarian and vegan diets
  • nutritional management for children and teenagers
  • eating disorders and body image issues ​​​​​

Nutrition coaching

Nothing is imposed, but everything is offered in order to find the best way for each patient. And everything is subject to change and renewal if (clinical or life) needs and circumstances change.

We organize constant weight control programmes, nutrition education, behavioral change and culinary experience exchange systems.

The first meeting of a nutrition consultation:

  • anthropometric analysis
  • professional weighting
  • determining the basal metabolic rate
  • requesting tests
  • family and personal history
  • discussing diets and weight loss programmes attempted
  • explaining how the body works and what nutrients are necessary for its proper functioning understanding each patient’s lifestyle to be able to adapt their diet

Second meeting:

  • food diary analysis
  • evaluating the results of recommended tests
  • establishing the energy requirement value
  • setting out long and short-term goals
  • developing a diet based on test results, preferences, food habits and social life
  • nutrition suggestions to combine health and pleasure (it is possible!)
  • scheduling the meetings (weekly or every two weeks)

Subsequent scheduled meetings
(the number is determined on a case by case basis): 

  • professional weighting
  • evaluating progress
  • questions
  • barriers
  • developing the diet for the next period weekly tracking by e-mail and/or WhatsApp

FREE outside consultations:

Simply to make sure that everything is alright, if there are questions… Nobody is ever abandoned! Monitoring depends on the clinical state and psychological needs of each individual.

  • Generally, we can consider tracking once every 4/5 weeks for 6 months
  • After things become stable, once every 2 months

Nutriscience® supports its clients to become proactive and autonomous in managing their needs, meal preparation and shopping. This is how one transitions to a new, healthy lifestyle nutrition consultations

consultatii nutritionale

ONLINE nutrition consultations

Never in the history of our existence have we faced such a severe situation. It is difficult to cope with.

For all of us, it’s hard to just accept it and remain indifferent. Compassion is not enough, it doesn’t solve cases and it doesn’t help people.

What can we do then?

We cannot abandon our patients to protect ourselves! They need our support, our advice and our suggestions now more than ever. In times of stress, such as the ones we are all currently undergoing, our bodies react differently.

We come to the aid of our patients which might refuse or have doubts about coming to the clinic, which we understand. This is why, we offer online nutrition consultations based on a schedule we agree upon together.

Do not give up the fight for your health. We made progress together and we have to maintain it and move forward together as well.

Now more than ever, our bodies need to be robust, resistant and fed with what they need.

Bioimpedance analysis can be replaced with weighing on the personal scale to monitor weight loss in this way and following the end of this critical period which we are going through, we will perform the re-evaluation though bioimpedance.

For understandable reasons, we postpone the indirect calorimetric determination of the resting metabolism.

There are many nutrients involved in the normal functioning of the immune system and, therefore, we encourage maintaining a healthy balanced diet which will support the immune function (we include here the intake of foods rich in copper, folates, iron, selenium, zinc and vitamins A, B6, B12, C and D).

Therefore, we do not recommend any type of food to the detriment of another, but, instead, we encourage the consumption of a variety of foods to maintain a balanced and healthy diet.

Nutrition for children

Children are welcome at Nutriscience®!

The harmonious development and evolution of children towards balanced and healthy adults depends mainly on us, parents. We offer them love, safety, trust.

But we also need to provide them the prerequisites for a lifestyle that would give them health and confidence in their own bodies.

At Nutriscience®, we have a team dedicated to children as well as parents. Step-by-step nutrition for you, with no secrets.

We are happy at this time to be able to offer you promotional packages

Specifically, in each of the 7 sessions you child will benefit from:

  • Bioimpedance body analysis at each session
  • Developing a tailored diet which takes into account their food preferences and/or intolerances
  • Meeting with parents at each session to evaluate the previous week and to make the required adjustments to the nutrition plan
  • Participating in a physical activity class (30 minutes)

Nutrition for pathologies

Nutritional intervention is essential in supporting the treatment of different pathologies.

Whether it is cardiovascular diseases, ulcerative colitis, gastritis, gastroesophageal reflux, diabetes, autoimmune diseases, nutritional medical treatment plays and essential role not only in symptom relief but also in the long-term maintenance of physiological balance.

Determining the appropriate diet for each pathology is a team effort and change can begin within a nutrition consultation.

Microbiome analysis and the food intolerance tests we recommend and perform when necessary, provide us with the necessary information and ensure the success of the nutritional intervention.


Bioimpedance body analysis evaluation50 lei
Resting metabolic rate evaluation250 lei
Nutrition counselling
1 hour session
250 lei
Nutrition counselling package
Includes 6 sessions – evaluation, nutrition consultation and counselling, tracking results + body composition analysis evaluations at each consultation. First session lasts 1 h and the rest 45
1200 lei
Nutrition counselling package
Includes 10 sessions – evaluation, nutrition consultation and counselling, tracking results + body composition analysis evaluations at each consultation. First session lasts 1 h and the rest 45
2000 lei
Counselling in the consolidation period, outside packages200 lei
Metabolic Balance package
Includes 7 counselling sessions and the nutrition plan developed in Germany
individual discounts may be granted
3200 lei
First session with a Metabolic Balance counsellor
(to be deducted from the package cost)
250 lei