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There is an interaction between diet and genome. Out of all environmental factors around us, nutrition has the biggest impact on human health. Tailored nutrition is conceptually analogous to tailored medicine.

Although there are foods available which respond to the needs and preferences of certain consumer groups, these products are mostly based on empirical consumer science rather than on nutrigenomics and nutrigenetics. Our common goal is to provide tailored nutrition counselling to support health and prevent disease. We carry out this counselling process in correlation with the results of nutrigenomic tests and by constantly pursuing the rebalancing of the gut microbiome, often disrupted by diets which include over-processed foods in large quantities.

We decided to establish this centre dedicated to the provision of science-based nutrition, out of our desire to support those who are open enough to acknowledge that “all disease begins in the gut”, as Hippocrates posited.

We are health detectives, specialized in investigating your medical history to find the root cause of the problem. This way we can offer you effective solutions to restore your wellbeing. Nutriscience® means that you will be able to eat healthy, without dieting, without giving up on the pleasure of enjoying food. A science-based nutrition opens up the possibility to normalize and maintain your body weight, control your cravings and prevent fatigue.

The counselling offered by Nutriscience® specialists is carefully adapted to the needs, preferences, schedule and lifestyle of every client.

We listen to our clients’ needs and habits and find the best way together. We teach you flexibility from one day to another and when you socialize, travel or eat out. We are available for nutrition consultations every day of the week, on a very flexible schedule, depending on each person’s needs. 

Children are welcome at Nutriscience®! There is a small space set up for drawing, playing or reading. We provide nutrition education through play to all those who are interested.

We are here for you and your family, to help you take control over your own health. 

Dr. Adina Trandafir is a geneticist and a nutrigenomics specialist, an accredited Metabolic balance counsellor and a graduate of the “Nutrition and Food Safety” masters programme organized by “Carol Davila” University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Bucharest.

Dr. Anca Hâncu

Doctor, medical sciences PhD, nutritionist, Metabolic Balance® counsellor.

Nutrition researcher at the Carol Davila University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Bucharest

A graduate of the Cluj Napoca medical school, where she furthered her studies with a masters in nutrition, Dr. Anca Hâncu built multiple healthy lifestyle projects for the benefit of the community.

Being passionate about nutrition, she obtained her PhD at Carol Davila University of Medicine and Pharmacy, in the field of diabetes, nutrition and metabolic diseases under the guidance of Prof. Dr. Gabriela Radulian. Her concerns focus on the treatment of obesity, with numerous remarkable results, having patients who changed their lives, having lost 20-50 kg, but also on nutritional medical therapy, particularly in the fields of pneumology and cardiology.

Last year, she published her book, “A healthy life is a style”, a useful book for family doctors, while also authoring a chapter in the book “Nutrition in chronic illnesses”, edited by Prof. Graur. She was the first coordinator for the book “Lifestyle medicine, prevention and treatment” which was published in November 2020. This book brings together 12 medical specializations, for the definition and description of this new concept which illustrates the importance of lifestyle. Recently, she published a book with a prestigious publisher in London, IntechOpen, “Nutritional status and COPD”.

Dr. Anca Hâncu tells us: “Each gesture matters, every choice we make during one day leads us towards health or towards disease. Start caring about yourself, today!”

Dr. Anca Hancu
Asociația de Prevenție prin Stil de Viață

The Medical Association for Prevention through Lifestyle

The Medical Association for Prevention through Lifestyle (https://lifestylemedicine.ro/) was established with the aim of gathering important people in the field of health to create and organize educational activities which would contribute, through prevention, to a healthier population.

By establishing this association, we wish to bring together all specialists who are passionate about this subject and who truly believe in the benefits of a healthy lifestyle in order to convey correct and complete information to those interested.

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Nutriaction S.R.L.
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