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Health is more than the absence of disease, it is feeling at your best physically, emotionally and spiritually.
We favour prevention but we help you in your endeavor to become healthy

PeopleNutrition in different pathologies

Nutritional intervention is essential in supporting the treatment of different pathologies.
In particular for:

  • cardiovascular diseases
  • ulcerative colitis
  • gastritis
  • gastroesophageal reflux
  • diabetes
  • autoimmune diseases
  • oncological diseases

Nutritional medical treatment plays an essential role not only in symptom relief but also in the long-term maintenance of physiological balance. Determining the appropriate diet for each pathology is a team effort.

HomeNutrition for families

We implement balanced family nutrition by training all family members so that everyone can relish in their success. Whether your current weight is a matter of concern or not, proper nutrition is a science which we are passionate about and open to share with you.

  • child
  • adolescent
  • young adult
  • young mother
  • adults
  • menopausal women
  • elderly people

Nutrition consultations

Specialised weight control is recommended for weight gain or weight loss.

  • reducing body fat
  • balancing cravings and hunger
  • hormonal balancing
  • facilitating a restful, quality sleep
  • balancing thyroid hormones and stimulating a slow basal metabolism
  • normalizing blood pressure and cholesterol
  • reducing inflammation
  • easy diabetes management
  • eliminating constipation and bowel discomfort
  • eliminating yeast infections
  • headache relief
  • stress management
  • balancing allergies and food intolerances
  • improving moods
  • improving self-esteem
  • increasing energy levels


We don’t prescribe anything, we only offer recommendations to find what works best for every patient. And everything is subject to change and renewal if (clinical or life) needs and circumstances change.

We offer a wide range of investigations which complement the nutrition consultations in order for you to achieve your desired goals in the shortest time possible.

Dr. Ștefan Busnatu

Medical professional cardiology

Cardiology needs to rest on a solid basis, which is a healthy LIFESTYLE.

To this end, we are building a strong partnership between Dr. Heart and Nutriscience®.

Patients benefit from a complete treatment to change their lifestyles for the better. The motto of our collaboration is: hearty, but also tasty.

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A multidisciplinary team: 
doctors, geneticists, nutritionists and psychologists

We are promoting nutrition for all! Many of our health issues can be regulated or improved through science-based nutrition! Whether you want to lose weight, alleviate a dysfunction, improve your physical performance or simply learn how to cook healthy meals, we offer realistic solutions, tailored to your lifestyle.
We collaborate with cardiologists, gynecologists and endocrinologists. We approach each case with a professional attitude. We decide the nutritional medical treatment together, through a multidisciplinary approach when needed.

What our patients have to say

Testimonial nutritie

“My name is Silvia and I am 42. I have a sedentary job and unfortunately very little time to exercise. Thanks to Ms. Adina Trandafir who is a geneticist, my lifestyle has changed following a particularly unique dietary regime which she created and which I followed effortlessly.

– Silvia B. 42 years old

Testimonial nutriscience

“Metabolic Balance changed my life as it represents a change in lifestyle. This is due to the programme being pure science. Compared to all other diets, it doesn’t make you starve, it doesn’t forbid any food groups, therefore it doesn’t generate frustration and is hence sustainable in the long run. Which means it becomes a lifestyle.”

– Diana Habuc 31 years old


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